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In Arcata, located in Northern California, the sea is a way of life. From the advanced Marine Biology department at Humboldt State University, just up the hill from us, to Humboldt Bay, about a mile west, we're fortunate to be in a perfect environment to develop equipment for marine aquariums. CPR was started in a small garage in 1987 to produce biological filters for local aquarists. People who used CPR filters were impressed by the high quality and affordable prices. Word spread, and we grew. Since then, we have expanded to a 10,000 sq. ft. production facility and have developed the innovative product line you see here. We're adding new ideas all the time. Our basic goal is to allow you to put the highest performing systems in your customers' hands at reasonable prices.

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 Tumbler Media Reactors NOW AVAILABLE!

 AeroForce AP Air pump powered skimmer                       with recirculating counter-current design.

 SOCK-it Mechanical filtration made easy! Now available in three configurations.

 First A.I.D. acclimation and introduction devise. A must have multi-tool for your tank!

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 Tumbler Media Reactors

 Fist A.I.D. Introduction

 AeroForce AP Overview and Set-up

 CPR Outlet Placement

 CS Overflow Overview and Set-up

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