Included in these pages is all of the instructions and troubleshooting tips for the entire line of CPR Aquatic products. If you are looking for information that you are unable to find here, please feel free to contact our tech support at or call us at 707-826-9636.

Below is a list of all of the products that CPR Aquatic currently manufactures, grouped by product type. Click on a product name to access the support for that particular item.

Hang-on Protein Skimmers
Aero Force™ 2 Instructions  
BAK-PAK™ 2 Instructions  
BAK-PAK™ 2R+ Instructions  
BAK-PAK™ Dual Pak Instructions  
NBT Bubble Trap Instructions  
BBX Combo box Instructions  
BPPS Pre Skimmer Instructions  
Outlet Placement Diagram Instructions  

SR Series and DX Protein Skimmers
SR2 Instructions  
SR3 Instructions  
SR4 Instructions  
SR6 Instructions  
SR9 Instructions  
Marine Tower Instructions  
DX6 Instructions  

AquaFuge™ 2 Refugium Instructions  
AquaFuge™ 2 PS Instructions  
AquaFuge™ PRO Instructions  
AquaFuge™ MP Instructions  
CITR Instructions  
Outlet Placement Diagram Instructions  

CS Overflows
CS50 Instructions  
CS90 Instructions  
CS100 Instructions  
CS102 Instructions  
CS202 Instructions  
CS150 Instructions  

Cyclone Series Bio-Filters
CY192 Instructions  
CY194 Instructions  
CY294 Instructions  

Wet / Dry Filters
CR500 Instructions  
CR900 Instructions  
CR1000 Instructions  
CR2000 Instructions  
CR3000 Instructions  

CPR Tanks
Pico-c Instructions  
NANO-TANK Instructions  
MRT Instructions  
LT3 Instructions  

CPR Accessories
Larvae Catcher Instructions  

BIO-BALE™ Instructions  
MAXI-Jet Cleaning Instructions  
Rio Powerhead Cleaning Instructions